The inspection can be divided into the following areas:
  • - Masts, spars and rigging & sails
  • - Machinery, fuel and electrical installations
  • - Bilge and general pumping installations
  • - Gas installations
  • - Freshwater installations
  • - Toilet installations
  • - Lifesaving equipment
  • - Fire fighting equipment
  • - Ancillary equipment
For yachts up to 12 metres (40 feet) the survey can be completed in one full day, however it does depend on the type of yacht and the equipment onboard. For yachts over this length the survey can run over two or more days. Provided with the Full Condition Survey is a report highlighting any problems found during the survey, their level of importance and any recommendations for repair. We guarantee to provide the survey report within ten working days but normally within 48 hours.

To receive a quote for a Full Condition Survey, contact us directly with your requirements.

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